About Us

Recognised by ACM Hacettepe as runner up in the HUJAM Competition!

Waker Games is a dynamic indie game studio founded by seven experienced game developers in August 2021. Over the past two years, we have successfully published more than seven games on both the App Store and Play Store.

Our indie game studio has experienced impressive growth, with a current team of over 15 dedicated developers, artists and musicians. Our focus remains on developing engaging hyper casual games that cater to a diverse age range of 4 to 50 years old. As a mobile-first studio, we have effectively capitalized on the rapidly-growing mobile gaming industry, and we intend to continue expanding our offerings.

Looking ahead, we are excited to explore the potential of integrating Web 3 technology into our games. However, we understand the importance of maintaining our audience’s trust and satisfaction, which is why any such technological advancements will remain “under the hood” and not be marketed as such. Our team is committed to delivering seamless, user-friendly experiences that keep our players coming back for more.

Co-founder & CEO

Ekrem Kaya

Co-founder & COO

M.Emir Albayrak

Co-founder & CMO

M. Ziya Aydın

Unity Developer

Bora T. Kaya

Unity Developer​

Mert Yılmaz

Unity Developer​

Kadir Erkul

Unity Developer​

Mert Akgün

2D Art

Şimal Hoscan

2D Art

Behlül İnan


Celal Ercan


Egemen Atalayın

Game Design

Ali Mete

SEO Analyst

Ö. Emirhan Yenici

Marketing Manager



                                                                     The Gaming Strategist

Jorge Jimenez

Jorge is a seasoned business consultant specializing in business development, partnership, and marketing. He has been consulting in web3 since 2020, running a successful consulting firm, where he leverages his expertise to help clients achieve their growth and development goals through innovative solutions and strategic planning.